I'm Not Crying, You Are

Updated: Apr 2

If I am honest I didn't think anyone would do it. I saw it shared on social media. I saw it shared by my friends, and even shared by celebrities, but I still didn't believe anyone would do it. Yet on 26th March 2020 at 8pm I went to my window. I opened it and was greeted by cheering, clapping, pots banging, and cars beeping. The whole of the country was thanking us and I felt overwhelmed.

The love and support my colleagues and I have received over the last two weeks has been incredible. So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the free coffees. Thank for the free pizzas and Nandos. Thank you for the flowers. Thank you for the hand written messages. Thank you for the boxes of toiletries. Thank you for the cakes, brownies, and chocolates. Thank you for the fruit baskets. Thank you for giving us protected shopping hours. Thank you to that one member of the public who brought my colleagues and I some basic goods as we were struggling to get them from the shops. Thank you to the other member of the public for your chalked message outside the hospital (even though you should be staying indoors!) Thank you to friends and family for your constant support. Thank you for the messages from old friends who I've lost contact with. Thank you for the messages from the families of friends. Thank you for the messages from strangers, saying thank you and telling me to keep safe. Thank you mum and dad for your endless love and for always being my number one fans. Thank you all for that one minute on Thursday.

When speaking with colleagues, we find it all strange. You call us all heroes, but we don't feel like it. We are simply doing our jobs. Just like other keyworkers at the moment like, teachers, bus drivers, supermarket workers, and cleaners, to name but a few. Some find it bittersweet too. Some find it difficult to accept the support when it has been a long time coming. However many of us can see that you are acknowledging the fact at the moment it is tough and we as healthcare professionals are being pushed to our extremes. Everyone wants to help and do their bit, and I am not one to turn down free food. On the other hand I can completely understand why some feel conflicted.

I love my job so much, and cannot dream of doing anything else. It's hard at the moment and it is for everyone. We have all had to adapt how we live and how we work. This is a team effort. The whole country needs to do their bit. I can, however, say this with absolute confidence, your support and love is making it all a little easier. We will always here for you, I hope you know that.

Thank you!


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